• Rafi's Reading List: 2023 Topics: Reading

    And now for something different!
    Early this year, I became the proud owner of a Kindle. I thought it might be nice to replace some of the Doomscrolling with reading (Doom… turning?).

  • Demo: Game Of Life Topics: WebAssembly, Rust, Games

    Play Conway’s Game of Life in your browser! Rust compiled to WASM, using the macroquad crate.

  • Byte by Byte: Mutexes in Rust Topics: Rust, Programming-Languages, Concurrency

    For someone who has never used Rust, it can be hard to understand what all the fuss is about. Let’s take a brief look at how Rust lives up to one of its staple promises, namely “fearless concurrency” with a few examples on about a fundamental component: the mutex.

  • Deep Dive: Macrofrick - Metaprogramming for Fun and for Speed Topics: Rust, Metaprogramming, Brainfuck, Compilers

    Macrofrick is a Brainfuck compiler that leverages Rust’s declarative macros and efficient compiler to produce blazingly fast binaries with minimal effort.

  • Deep Dive: brainfrick-rs Topics: Rust, Brainfuck, Compilers, Performance

    Brainfrick-rs is an optimizing compiler/interpreter written in Rust for Brainfuck, an esoteric programming language, known for its extreme simplicity.

  • Doing my (past) Homework with GitHub Copilot Topics: AI, Academics

    GitHub Copilot is an AI-based programming tool created by OpenAI. I’m going to use it to do my homework.

  • Deep Dive: CivicQA Topics: Microservices, System-Design, Go, DevOps

    CivicQA is an open-source constituent management platform.

  • Deep Dive: Puffin Topics: Rust, Interpreters, Programming-Languages

    Puffin. A simple, interpreted programming language, implemented in Rust.